Frequently asked questions

What is Origin Connect Assist?

An online energy connection service for the building industry.

Who can use it?

Builders, electricians, gas fitters and plumbers.

In what states is it available?

It's currently available in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales. We will be opening our service to South Australia and ACT in the upcoming months.

Does it cost me anything?

No, the Origin Connect Assist online service is free. However standard connection costs apply.

Can I access it on my smart phone or tablet PC?


Do I need to build a certain number of properties to qualify?

Build three or more properties per year and you're eligible

Can I use Origin Connect Assist for both residential and commercial dwellings?

Yes, you can.

Will I receive a final bill for the property I've constructed?

Yes. You can move it out of your name and into the name of your client at handover.